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April Books!

30. The Janus Stone *** (8 April – 9 April) A lot of red herrings and ancillary storylines (some of which are unnecessary, I think), but enough interesting history and I still like the characters well enough to want to read more. And the mystery itself was very easy to guess, despite all the other bits thrown into the story. Still like the setting, and the side characters are really growing on me. Not sure how I feel about the Ruth/Harry thing, kinda interested in where it will go, but also worried it could ruin a perfectly good series.f
CHALLENGE: URC/MMD, A book set someplace you’ve never been but would like to visit

31. The House at Sea's End *** (9 April-9 April) I don’t know what the pull of this series is, but I do just keep reading them. I’m not as fond of the main characters as I was in the first book, though I like the fact that she’s not perfect or quirkily imperfect. Some of the secondary characters are becoming far more interesting, especially Cathbad, though part of me hopes his unerring intuition has a mundane, rational explanation (web of spies, whatever). Some are unnecessary (what was the point of Tatiana again? Other than to drive home the motherhood thing once again?) and the relationship between Harry and Ruth is just starting to get annoying. The mystery isn’t as compelling or interesting in this one (and parts of it are too easy to guess – I mean, seriously, it took more than two seconds to figure out the book thing? And you call yourself a detective?). Still, it’s a quick, easy mystery read, and I might just read more.
CHALLENGE: MMD, Three books by the same author

32. Charmed (audio) *** (5 April – 11 April) – It was fine, nothing too great or anything really awful. It’s the hardest kind of book to review because it’s just… okay. It’s a fun and easy read, but also nothing earth-shattering or really unpredictable. The characters are a little annoying, but then you have to remember it’s a YA book with younger characters for a younger audience. So, if you absolutely adore everything fairytale related, I’d say read it (after you read the first book in the series). If you’re not that into fairytales, I’d give it a miss. The rest of the book isn’t enough to carry it for someone who doesn’t really dig fairytales.

33. Hotel Ruby (audio) *** (11 April – 16 April) – So unbelievably predictable. The up side is that it kept me into it, mostly just hoping that there would be some twist at the end that would make me wrong, but by halfway through I had pretty much figured out the entire ending. And I do mean the *entire* ending. There wasn’t a twist you couldn’t see coming. That aside, it wasn’t a bad book. The writing was decent and the characters were interesting, and I like that it addressed some difficult topics. I would neither recommend this one, nor encourage people not to read it. It’s just another “okay” book.
CHALLENGE: PS/URC, A book set in a hotel

34. Stalking Jack the Ripper **** (17 April – 25 April) Good characters, though a bit of a predictable ending, and since I’m a sucker for pseudo-historical novels this was right up my alley. Well-written, and with an afterward detailing the deviations (and some of the explanations for doing so) from actual history. Sticklers for details and history might not like the liberties taken, so if you are a dyed in the wool Jack historian, I wouldn’t recommend it. Otherwise, I’d say give it a read. It’s… I was going to say “light and fun”, but that seems wrong, considering the subject matter. It’s an easy, fast, engaging read.
CHALLENGE: MMD/MRC, A book you choose for the cover