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June 21st, 2017

smeddley: (Default)
Wednesday, June 21st, 2017 09:18 am
I'm all for coffee. I like coffee. I'm not terribly picky about my coffee, though I prefer it not bitter and burned. Which does, indeed, land me solidly on one side of the great coffee war at work.

To understand the dynamics of the coffee war, I'll have to give you some brief background on our office. I work on the second floor of a building that is separated into two halves, with the public coming up the stairway in the middle to counters on either side. I am in the West side.

East side has a Keurig that apparently no one likes. They all come over to get coffee from our drip-style Bunn. However, and I'm trying not to be sexist, but this is how it works out, many of the men from the East side (as well as many of the men on the West side) take coffee but never make it. This led to one of the East side counter girls to compulsively make coffee to "make up" for her department taking all the coffee.

And by compulsively, I mean she's pour out anything under half a pot to make new, as well as "pre-fill" coffee filters on top of the machine. This irritated some of the West side girls, who complained bitterly that her coffee was too weak (and, coincidentally, not bitter and horrible like they liked it). And then they started pouring out her coffee and making up their own filters.

I do not like overly strong, bitter coffee. And contrary to what they say, you can't "just add water" and make it better. That bitterness is there to stay. Honestly, I'm better with the weaker coffee ("mud water" in their vernacular). The funny part is, as with most divides, the West side girl really does not see that the East side girl feels just as strongly and believes just as fiercely that they are right. And as much as West side girl complains about East side girl, she refuses to see she's doing exactly what she's complaining about and that others might feel just as annoyed and slighted as she does.

Hypocrisy, yo.

Also quite the allegory for so many things.

Including me, once more in the middle, wishing desperately for just a decent not-too-strong, not-too weak cup of coffee (and maybe, now that I think of it, a good old-fashioned snap-fight...). I've taken to just dumping any pre-filled filters back into the coffee bag, regardless of who made them up, because that shit is ridiculous and I don't want to drink coffee made from grounds that have been sitting out. But don't tell anyone it's me...