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March 23rd, 2016

smeddley: (Default)
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 02:31 pm
Okay, so I've been doing the morning pages, as close to morning as I can get, and so far close to 70% of them are whinging about having to write them. Hey, it's what pops into my head. The rest are a confusing jumble of words, because I can't write as fast as my brain makes leaps in subject, so it's like "puppies today crap remember to post swap what's for dinner puppies can't wait don't forget milk dinner grocery store oooh puppies coffee ATC..." and so on.

There's no dwelling on deep feelings or getting to roots of issues because the inside of my head is like an ADD toddler hyped up on twelve pots of coffee and ten pounds of sugar. Especially in the morning. She claims that's the time you have the most time for yourself, but I've found, with my hatred of getting up and, you know, having a job, it's when I have the least time. So it's sloppy and rushed and interrupted (let the dog it, microwave some water, do I have my phone?) and, indeed, pointless. I'll give it another week, because I already wrote the days in the notebook, but after that I think I'll just work through the rest of the exercises and call the book read.

Speaking of exercises... Did I talk about the week one exercises? They were simple.

List 20 small, creative actions you could take
List 10 positive adjectives that describe you
Do nothing for 15 minutes

Easy peasy! And aside from the very Secret/Laws of Attraction message, week one was okay. Week two is shaping up to be a different story.

My week one recap:
Did I miss any MP days? No
Did I do my Artist's Date? Yeah, sort of, I went and bought the notebook? I was going to get more but I already have tons of pens and art supplies.
Did I do my weekly walk? She obviously does not have a dog. I go on daily walks.
Did I have any moments of self-discovery? No.

I'm having way more fun on instagram with #beaunicorn. Why sit and write about wanting to do something creative instead of, you know, actually doing it? (Yeah, probably just one more week...)