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January 3rd, 2016

smeddley: (Default)
Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 07:52 pm
The first thing I noticed was waaaaay too much lip smacking. So. Much. It was distracting and annoying through the entire video. I have, I know, gotten entirely too spoiled by watching people like ashens on YouTube (Seriously, if you haven't watched his Poundland Tat reviews, do so! His movie is also awesome and better than a lot produced by large corporations lately, but it does have some in-jokes that are better after you've watched some of his videos). Now I can barely watch people who make videos that are all choppy and horrible.

Okay, so that aside, this session was just about what you'll need for your journal and journalling supplies. I, of course, ignored all of it and am using a ring binder to store my notes and drawings. Because that's how I roll.

Every session starts with three deep breaths, releasing the past, releasing the future, and focusing on the present. That is probably the least problematic thing I've found so far, because, hey, we all need to breath and we all probably should take deeper breaths. So, yeah, breath. Got it.

Then she asked about our intention - what made us sign up. I don't think the honest answer is one she wants me to share with the group - to take the piss out of the course and mercilessly mock it and rail against the utter bullshit you're filling women's minds with.

The next part (after more woo about "feminine powers" and creativity) was just about journalling style, and using different size lettering and styles, using symbols and colors and whatnot. This is probably not bad information, but certainly in any class or seminar of import I've been at I don't have time to do pretty notes. I suppose you could go back and re-do it, but I've never had the energy. Even with these notes, I barely had time to scribble my thoughts haphazardly about the page. Nothing like the very organized and detailed journalling she showed as an example.

That was it for this session, I need to upload some picture for my review of the next one. We get into the meditation and arty things! Yay!


My side note for an "All the Feels, A Healing Journalling Journey*" project - pick a word you hate (in my case, the new-age use of the word "juicy") and draw it, make it release its power over you. Confront your word hatred and conquer it!

* Totally never going to happen, but it'd be as good as this, I think!